Redesign and further development of a high volume acting mobile application

Case Study

XchangePlus is a one-stop data and document exchange platform that fully automates the transaction process from contract onwards, for all participants. Team Harbour provides access to real-time transactional data and source documents, so the most accurate and up-to-date information is instantaneously available.

Business Issue

The client was looking to create a data management platform for real estate transaction management with a lot of attention given to automation. This needed to be a full-featured backend with features like User Management, Calendar, CRM-like functions, Advanced Document storage and sharing, e-Signature, PDF Editor, and a tool for creating real estate-specific documents. The end product needed to be a bundle of microservices that all interact through APIs.

Since the client is a startup, they needed us to build a clean MVP that would include all of their needs and all of the work needed to be done on a tight budget. They did not have an in-house IT staff to create the product, so they approached TeamHarbor to provide them with the needed development service at a fraction of the cost of hiring a US-based team.


Not only would the solution need to satisfy all of the client’s business needs, but it also had to be created with a microservice architecture since it would be easier to scale each individual service in the future. There were also unique components related to the real estate industry that needed to be taken into account and all of these business requirements would have to be translated into technical specifications.

Solution Provided By Team Harbour

After an extensive search for a development partner, XchangePlus chose Team Harbour because of our ability to work along on the project. Other companies would routinely follow what they were told to do while the client required the developers to “think along” and make sure business requirements were well translated. TeamHarbour hired a team of 8 developers, 2 backend developers, and 6 on the frontend to create the product from scratch.


Thanks to all of the work put in by Team.Harbour, the client was able to demonstrate an MVP to initial investors and is using the MVP as a workable product on the first batch of customers. The Product is fast, stable, and shows no major bugs and the client's customers are also satisfied with the platform and were particularly impressed by its speed. Even though Team.Harbour had to deal with changing components and new components were added during the development, overall the sprints were mostly met.


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