A loyalty system for VISA international in EEMA region from scratch

Case Study

Visa is one of the world leaders in digital payments capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a second. Their mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, reliable, and secure payment network - enabling individuals, businesses, and economies to thrive.

Business Issue

Visa Ukraine was looking to create a global loyalty program that would connect local banks, merchants, and customers. One of the main goals of this project was to create a system that offered quick and simple onboarding for every participant: end-user, bank, and merchant while ensuring compliance for all pieces of code and infrastructure. This would be particularly challenging because each bank needed to have its own e-currency, the platform needed to be multi-tenant i.e. many banks and merchants would be using the system. Support should also be provided for special integrations via APIs and access to the system should be available mobile, web, merchant’s cabinet, bank operator cabinet. Last but not least, there should be robust security in place to ensure PCI DSS compliance.

Solution Provided By Team.Harbour

Team Harbour has many skilled developers with experience in the FinTech industry. This allowed us to prove to the customer that we were able to handle such a massive project on our own, without hiring any external companies and without having unexpected gaps in implementation due to “different understanding of requirements. In fact, Team Harbour already had most of the needed development personnel already on staff and only needed to hire two additional people. The entire team consisted of 8 people: 4 developers, a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, and 2 QA engineers.

The project was implemented using an API-centric approach to ensure the ease of connectivity from all of the players involved i.e. banks and merchants clearing batches or online hooks) and client frontends (Android, iOS, Web).


The project was implemented with the full functional scope and passed PCI DSS compliance procedures (vulnerability scanning, logging policy, common architecture security issues, incident alerting, etc.) The Visa Global Bonus was successfully launched in 2015 and worked in production till 2018. Dozens of banks and merchants and thousands of end-customers were connected and utilized this solution in production.

Team.Harbour created a loyalty program for Visa Ukraine that satisfied all of the requirements within the specified time period: 9 months. Specifically, the following functionalities were created:

  • Open/close e-currency purses for customers/merchants/agents
  • Voucher purses (With no top-up)
  • E-currency issue and settlement
  • Multi-E-currency (Multitenancy)
  • E-currency transaction processing
  • Clearing between E-currency issuers
  • Various ways for purse top-up: kiosks, cards, bank branch cashier, retail
  • Payments towards merchants and agents, mass register payments
  • E-currency acquisition, various payment method aggregation, escrow function
  • Transaction hold within the system
  • Transaction reversal (Dependent on legislation and regulations)
  • Integration layer for linkage with various external systems
  • Card processing integration for card linkage and prepaid/gift products
  • Loyalty functionality (Bonuses is e-currency essentially)
  • Comprehensive reporting, international and local compliance


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