Promoter Strategy

Case Study

The client created a platform that makes it easier for medical professionals to grow their practice by obtaining reviews from patients allowing them to improve their reputation, and enhance routine operations. They also have additional products to help businesses grow their revenues through customer and employee insights obtained from customer reviews

Business Issue

Collecting online reviews is a major part of the client’s business process for providing reputation management services, but they were looking to automate the report collection process since the current methods are preventing them from accumulating reviews on company services. The client had only one full-time developer on staff, so they could not perform such development work in-house, which is why decided to outsource such work to a development provider.

Solutions Provided by Team.Harbour

Team Harbour assembled a team for the client that consisted of 1 Full-time Middle + Laravel developer, 1 Part-time Project manager. Together they were able to integrate the system with social media platforms, such as Facebook, Yelp, Google Reviews, and HealthGrades. It also allows for reaching out to the clients of the service providers and collecting feedback on the services they have received. In addition to all of this, the system incorporates feedback received from other sources, like emails, SMS campaigns, and direct calls. The system performs the necessary analysis and forms informative reports and graphs, which allows for further analysis and understanding of the quality of services the client companies provide.

Shareholders had a personal connection with Team.Harbour, they decided to interview some of the developers for the project. They were impressed by both the technical and soft skills of the developers and decided to start off the cooperation with some small-scale work, just to see how things will go. As time went on, Team Harbour was able to win the client’s trust and the workload gradually increased.

All of this was a huge upgrade over the current way feedback was collected, which was through a service We still collect the feedback obtained from the GetFeedback API to our server and perform analytical and filtering actions, but we added so much more functionality around this.


As a result of the development work done by Team.Harbour, the client was able to add 3 new clients, which is an outstanding result for their particular niche. We need to keep in mind that theinitial idea of the product was to gather information from different review sources such as social media, websites, 3-d party poll services, package all of this information for their customers, and present it to them in a clear way. All of the integration work done by Team Harbour allowed them to significantly increase the number of business opportunities since they now had the technical capacity to provide their clients with the above-listed goals. Also, the client now had access to a seemingly endless supply of reviews and testimonials, which they could use to improve their customer’s service offering and grow their business.


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