Limitless Health

Case Study

The client is in the health and wellness industry and works with employers and individuals to provide people an opportunity to tailor and execute a plan that is flexible to their needs with the added benefit of doing it from the comfort of your own home.

Business Issue

Like many other industries, the health and wellness industry is very competitive with many trainers, experts, and gurus offering seemingly identical services. Therefore, the client was looking to stand out from the crowd by having a top-quality website to display their services in an engaging and professional manner. The problem is that the entire company is solely run by a single individual, so there is no in-house IT department to speak of. Still, they needed some WordPress development to take their business to the next level. The client was aware of the Team. Harbour’s reputation in the web development industry and decided to reach out to them for assistance.

Solutions Provided by Team.Harbour

The first thing we did was assemble the requirements from the client. These included allowing customers to pay for the online training session through the website, facilitating the coaching and support, and the ability to receive bulk notifications. The client decided to start off the cooperation with Team.Harbour with a small-scale project, which was the creation of a landing page, just to see how things go. The client was very pleased with the results and decided to expand cooperation further with larger-scale WordPress development.

The goal was to create a website that would increase the number of orders for their products and services and build stronger relationships with their clients. Team. Harbour assembled a team consisting of one developer, a project manager, and a QA engineer to create a multi-functional platform on a very limited budget and timeframe. We conducted thorough research of existing plugins to find the best fit in terms of functional requirements and quality, and of course, some customization was needed. The following plugins were installed:

  • Mailchimp - For bulk notifications
  • Tidio - For online support
  • WooCommerce - For e-commerce
  • Stripe - To enable online payments

We held regular weekly sync-up calls with a prominent agenda and internally we followed common agile best practices such as daily meetings and internal demos.


Thanks to the solutions provided by Team.Harbour, the client was better able to weather the storm caused by the lockdown restrictions and retain the viability of their business. In addition, by hiring Team.Harbour, the client was able to get their website up and running quickly and at a lesser cost. This was something the client was particularly happy it was difficult to find a development partner who would be able to get the job done, with such high quality, under significant time and resource constraints. The project is still ongoing and the client is very satisfied with the results and plans to expand cooperation with Team.Harbour in the future.


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