iOS & Android mobile application for the Food Tech Startup

Case Study

Food Tech Startup operates in the restaurant industry with a little more than 30 employees. They have expansion plans with a new business model along with a franchisee of multiple kitchens located in one city to cover all of the quick food needs.

Business Issue

Food Tech Startup needed a mobile app that the customers could use to place their orders. Consequently, all of the orders need to be received by Food Tech Startup and fulfilled. They requested two native applications to be created, one for Android and iOS, as well as additional web applications to be developed at later stages. The client had already done their due diligence as far as the project management style they would like to use and requested that we use a Scrum-like approach and improve the functionality over time.

The client did not have an in-house IT staff to create the applications and therefore approached Team Harbour for development assistance. The requirements were that both apps needed to have a user-friendly UI/UX design, visuals of appealing food and it should be very easy for the customer to complete their purchase.

Solution Provided By Team Harbour

The client was using a Russian restaurant operational system, called like, but we recommended that they switch to something more friendly for the Ukrainian market, like B52. Even though the client was operating on a limited budget, we were able to assemble a development team for them consisting of 1 PM, 1 developer for estimation, and one DevOps engineer for B52 integration planning. The team can be easily expanded by Team Harbour, but this will require future negotiations with the client.


The project is currently ongoing and the client is happy with the pace of development as all of the deadlines have been met so far.


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