Web development for Social Media Platform

Case Study

Bookshlf is an aggregator of content hand-picked by human curators that you trust. This is, in fact, one of the goals of the product since they want to avoid using algorithms and have the entire collection assembled by humans. This is the direction they wanted to go in the future and get away from using algorithms altogether.

Business Issue

The client was having a lot of issues aligning their business needs with the pace of development. Since they did not have their own in-house IT department, they relied on various outside companies for assistance, but these companies were constantly letting them down. The communication was very difficult and they could not and they could not move ahead with their roll-out plan due to a lack of certainty from the development side.

Technological Solution

Team Harbour provided the client with two full-time dedicated developers, with additional possible resources should the circumstances require. This gave the client the best of both worlds since it allowed them to keep costs down while increasing the development speed. We also addressed the communication issues the client experienced with previous providers by adapting to their unique way of handling requirements, which were in Trello. Most of the communication was through the weekly calls + on-demand communication via Slack.

We also provided the client with two part-time QA engineers to ensure quality prior to the releases. This allowed us to both minimize costs and maximize efficiency in testing so we didn’t have any major issues during the releases. Since the client did not provide us with any documentation, we created this as well by documenting everything that was touched by the team.


As the result of the development work provided by Team Harbour, the client’s application was completely redesigned based on the design from the client. These designs were also improved by our internal teams. We also got rid of the obsolete code which allowed us to reduce the bundle size 3X and consequently speed up application loading speed. The client was very satisfied with the results since we met all of the deadlines for the launch without any issues. In fact, the development was so fast that the client ran out of tasks and had to shrink the team to match the requirements.

After the redesign, the client launched a successful marketing campaign that attracted more than 50,000 users to their platform.


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