Come along with us and build your centralized shared service center, consolidating your commodity business functions and streamlining the processes. We will be excited about taking over your business processes, we will acquire the best professionals, available in Eastern Europe, to build a dedicated center for business process outsourcing and produce the highest value for your company as a result.

IT Support and monitoring

IT Support is boring, systems monitoring is exhausting. Let us organize a BPO resource for your enterprise, that would be efficiently operating in the extreme situations and demotivating conditions, providing you with high quality IT Support Services — we will link into your existing IT organization seamlessly, we’ll live by your rhythm, your company culture and your priorities.

Finance & Accounting

Statutory accounting, Management accounting, bookkeeping, controlling, financial planning & analysis with highly effective BPO.


Be more agile and fast with flexible advanced procurement process models of BPO. Optimize your procurement costs on volumes, future planning, advanced bidding  and contracting process.

Supply Chain

Get the most of the supply chain with analytics and modern optimization methods. Collect and analyze supply chain data with help of leading technology solutions and data analytics. Break through the silos across your organization, discover valuable insights and reach measurable business goals.

Contact Center Services

Do you want us to perform common tasks for you remotely, such as looking after your premises at night, or serving as your administration desk or contact center? We’ll be happy to gather motivated BPO team of multilingual professionals for you and operate 24/7 if needed!

Back-office services

Experiencing higher cost due to the large headcount in the back-office of your bank or insurance company? There is a solution to this and it is called offshore service center. We are able to build exactly the same functionality very quickly at the fraction of your today’s cost.

Get in touch with us and order your team of experts right now!

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