Team Harbour provides the following services:

  • Turnkey Project delivery: we take full responsibility for the operational processes and results of work. We feel particularly strong in the enterprise class projects involving complex integration, fintech projects, banking and financial services projects, e-Commerce. Turnkey delivery means certain risks, usually reflecting in a higher price.
  • Dedicated Team: your own team of professionals, part of your company organization structure, managed by a local lead or manager.
  • Outstaffing: you provide details of your project and requirements for the staffing, we’ll get into our bench and external sources and find you the needed specialists swiftly. Client is fully responsible for selection of the specialists and results of their work. We manage them administratively and help them in terms of know-how.
  • Quality Assurance: we always do quality assurance for all forms of relationship with the customer. We want to make sure that our work is of the highest quality and our clients are happy.
  • Shared Backoffice Center: It is not just about IT — we are ready to take over your business processes and help you achieving cost efficiency in your back-office services.

We will create, manage and maintain the required team of professionals for the needs of your business

How we work

We will create, manage and maintain the required team of professionals for the needs of your business, ensure the productive environment for your people and help you control the results, subsequently. We agree with you the approximate timing for your project or needs in support, we mutually decide on the co-operation format and team structure and then execute recruitment and administration. As per your requirements, you are going to retain complete management control over the team, or delegate part of the managerial duties to our professionals.

We are flexible and we can provide you with the most convenient model of co-operation.

Our most preferable model is managed service, where we partially responsible for the results of the work. Our manager is in close contact with the project manager on the client side, managing the team administratively and functionally.


Quite often the customers choose outstaffing model, where all the resources are directly controlled by the client’s PM and are integral part of their organization. In this case Team Harbour provides limited administrative support and basic office management of the staff.


We are also open to on-site outsourcing model, when we legally hire the resources but place them on the customer site, for better access and integrity with the rest of the organization. We provide remote admin support and cover HR/employment issues in this case, monitoring the performance of the resources.


And finally, mixed models have been proven as mostly practical. Part of the team is located on-site, part of the resources are residing on the offshore premises. This allows achieving the best business results, preserve knowledge while achieving significant cost saving.


Our experienced project managers would be able to work in accordance with your preferred project management methodology, whether is’t advanced Agile/SCRUM or traditional Waterfall. We have all needed operational systems, that would help you to schedule the work for your team remotely, control the execution and the consumption of your resources, and then measure your people against established KPI’s.

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