We would be happy to become a Quality Assurance Lab for our client. Quality Assurance is an exhausting activity, that is about bringing order and correctness in the operation of a designed solution. The types of testing our clients may want to consider for their projects:

  • General testing and functional testing — to validate if the product has been designed and developed to meet the original specification and requirements, listed in the projectdocumentation.
  • Regression testing — to verify that operational unit is still performing according to the requirements and specifications after applied changes, patches, modifications or newly built interfaces with the other systems or packages.
  • Performance/Load Testing — to determine the ability of the product to remain stable under conditions of high load or stress, validate performance of peak usage, determine operational boundaries to be included into the maintenance documentation.
  • Usability testing involves testing of the actual convenience of the product use. As the automation tools aim to save the users’ time and improve their efficiency, they must be designed in the way that assumes intuitive handling, simple controls, quick and easy access to the needed functionality.
  • Compatibility testing —  to validate the correctness of the product operation in combination with certain other products or technologies, or operating environment.
  • Security testing is a process intended to reveal flaws in the security mechanisms of the product, it’s ability to protect data and maintain functionality as intended. Security testing may involve rigorous procedures including penetration testing, testing under attack, involvement of the professional security professionals and hackers.
  • Unit testing is a sort of limited local component testing, to ensure their correct operation and behavior before embedding them into theproduct.
  • Automated/manual testing — the two different types of testing process, presuming either regular human testing activity, or software-aided tools and automatic testing routing without human intervention. QA expert normally develops a script, seriously accelerating the process, increasing accuracy of testing, also producing smart alerts and required test reporting for the client.
  • Blockchain — if you are in the middle of the Blockchain technology project, we can help you with Blockchain-related testing including Smart Contracts testing

Team Harbour creates Quality Assurance service teams, able to test various types of solutions including software, hardware, mobile and IoT components. Our experts will ensure the product of the Client operates flawlessly, strictly in accordance with original specification and requirements.

Please get in touch with us and order your QA team now!

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