We are following SOA and Microservices ideology in building the core of the backend systems we develop. This allows us to scale the system easily both horizontally and vertically in the future. Scalability works different ways: we may want to clone the individual modules, set of modules and also the system as a whole. We can connect external modules and work with them as  they were internal — this makes integration easier and more flexible.


Microservice approach also helps to achieve the following benefits:

  • The code can be deployed individually and easily replaced
  • The code is reusable — services can be cloned and modified, saving time and costs on the further system enhancement
  • Improved scalability, easier gradual deployment of large applications
  • Easier QA – services are smaller and faster to test
  • Fault isolation – service failure doesn’t mean the whole system failure (may not be valid for some services like Auth for example)
  • Elimination of long-term commitment to a technology stack – microservices can operate and the system expansion can be done with more advanced technologies in the future
  • Services are evolutionary — as the whole system is split in pieces, it is possible to have them evolute and develop separately, along with evolution of the business processes and services
  • Decentralization: decentralized data, decentralized management, decentralized governance
  • Organized around business capabilities and services, e.g. logistics, accounting, customer service etc.

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