JavaScript is our favorite technology on the client side. We use this dynamic scripting language along with HTML5 to add dynamic content to the web pages and actually turn web pages into the real applications. Some clear advantages of JavaScript as a front-end development language:

  • Easy to learn: the entrance bar is quite low. The syntax of JavaScript is easy. Everyone is able to learn it fast and start developing dynamic pages and attractive applications.
  • Popularity: the number of JS developers on the market is quite large, compared to the other languages — this is very important for the future support and sustainability of technology over time.
  • Speed: On client side things go very fast, there is no need to talk to server and wait for an answer. This also unloads the server from the obsolete tasks, needed for one client only.
  • Easy to debug and test: JavaScript is interpreted language, the errors and bugs are immediately visible in the runtime. Just debug it immediately and run the script again!
  • Fast deployment: JS is an interpreted language, not need to waste time on compilations.
  • Compatibility. Unlike some other languages, JavaScript interoperates great with other languages and can be used in a huge variety of applications. JavaScript can also be used inside scripts, written in other languages, such as Perl and PHP.
  • Object oriented, event-based: a code segment is being executed when certain event occurs (like mouse over or click on an object).
  • All procedural capabilities: JavaScript provides all capabilities of a procedural language, like loops, conditions, forking and branching etc.
  • Platform independence: It runs within a browser, and practically all browsers on all platforms support JavaScript nowadays.
  • Rich library of frameworks: This is one of the main advantages of JavaScript — there was quite a number of frameworks developed over time. Frameworks feature highly useful procedural functionality and the elements of design. There is a whole framework «fashion» in JavaScript world. This season JS.Amber is popular, next year it’s Angular.JS etc.

Among other things, JavaScript is used to validate user input, provide mouse rollover effects, create popups, dynamic content — basically enrich the user interface and  improve overall experience.

Why would you place your development team with us?

SKILLED RECRUITERS would let you compose the team way quicker and smoother, then you would do it yourself. Hiring IT resources is the whole science now — we know exactly where to look for them, how to talk to them and how to hire them at good rates and with high commitment.

TRANSPARENT HIRING PROCESS: our researchers are going to look for the sufficient CV’s, we’ll pre-select some for you typically within 5-10 working days, we’ll do the initial pre-interviewing to make sure you don’t waste your precious time, then present you with a set of good candidates. Then it depends on the co-operation format — you either trust us with the candidate choice or interview the candidates yourself. Your developers would stat working on agreed terms after your final approval.

EQUIPPED WORKPLACE: we have a few office at various locations including US (Cincinnati, OH), EU (Latvia, Slovenia), Switzerland (Geneve), Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Vinnytsya), UAE (Dubai). We are going to provide all needed office services to your team incuding the desks, computer equipment, conference rooms and other office facilities as per your requirements.

REMOTE MANAGEMENT — there is certain portion of the technology workers, that prefer to work from home or other remote locations. We have been working with distributed teams long enough to achieve excellence in this form of co-operation. We have all needed systems and sufficient methodologies for the remote management and we don’t really need to get people to our office, to be able to work with them efficiently and incorporate them into our projects. The lead developer of our own product #digitalharbour has been permanently living in Nepal during the main phase of development, for instance. So for this case, we are also perfectly prepared and we can manage your people location-independent, if your project allows this format.

HR & RETENTION. Hiring the candidates and composing the team is just the first page of the story. Retaining the labour resources in the world of tough co-operation with the other market players is another challenge. We have to keep the people satisfied and committed to your company culture and the work itself. Our HR department knows the tricks and perfectly equipped to keep your resources happy and concentrated on their primary tasks, even though they are located remotely sometimes.

COST EFFICIENCY. This is one of the highest reasons to outsource in general. Outsourcing brings at least 50% savings due to lower rates and various other employment details, that help us optimize the cost model and get you better looking P&L

COMPETENCY AVAILABILITY. Not every geography is filled with needed specialists for your project. As we are operating worldwide, we’re ready to compose your team at the most preferred location, where experts are available and happy to work.

Get in touch with us and order your JS development team right now!

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