Developing front-end apps was always our passion. It is a great pleasure indeed, to create software, users really love. We have great experience in application development services since more than 10 years. We do UI/UX design, native apps, we do cross-platform JS, we create amazing web applications — wherever the preference of the client is.


We provide mobile app development services, web development services for the clients worldwide, who wish to build their own dedicated nearshore project team to save costs, enjoy our competence and the benefits of standardized service. More and more companies choose outsourcing in the field of application development, as most of it lies beyond the boundaries of the core businesses, even for disruptive startups nowadays.

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As the boundaries between mobile and desk computing are gradually getting erased, it is more and more difficult to categorize what’s truly mobile and what’s desk nowadays. Personal computers and tablets converge, the smartphones get as large as tablets, modern apps must be more adaptive and responsive for the variety of hardware and operational conditions. Lately, we’re more and more into the natural interfaces philosophy. Why would the customers spend their precious budgets on development of various mobile, desk or web apps, if all can be easily replaced with one single chat-bot:

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The chat-bot can be maintained alone as a solution, connecting to your back-end systems via an API, in the same way as your mobile, web and desk apps do. It has clear advantages against the traditional interfaces: clearly lower TCO, extreme user-friendliness through the natural dialogue, like «with another person», plus little effort and single point for possible future modifications. On the demand of the client, we can also provide an AI team from RINA Systems to work on natural language recognition and improve communication to the maximum.

TechnologiesiOS (Swift, ObjC), Android, Windows, macOS, Messengers, cross-platform JS, chat-bots, Node.JS, TypeScript, Angular 2, HTML5/CSS3, ExtJS, jQuery, PHP, Magento WP, Ember.js, Yii, Python, Java, Ruby, REST APIs, Apache Thrift, Symfony, Mongo DB

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