Fintech is definitely our playground, where we have the most experience and feel most confidence.

Since the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the term Fintech has expanded to include any technological innovation in the financial sector, including innovations in financial literacy and education, retail banking, investment and even crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. In Q1, 2017 global FinTech startups raised $2,7B across 226 deals. The global VC fintech investment 2016 has amounted $13.1B leading to the boost in fintech outsourcing.

We love Fintech and we engage with enthusiasm into the fintech software services on clients requests, especially because part of our team is coming from banks, financial services and big industry finance

We’ve been doing it all to date: mobile and web banking, wallets, online crediting, peer-to-peer transfers (including no-network conditions via Bluetooth), payment services, protected data storages and VISA International loyalty program (Global Bonus), we’ve been developing software for the stock trading and portfolio analysis, we’ve been working with Bitcoin (mycelium) and other companies that chose to outsource fintech development to us. Our systems have passed industry standard certifications including ISO72001 and PCI/DSS. And we have our own #digitalharbour digital banking platform as a product.

As we are strong believers in the fintech — a new stream in financial services, that applies technology to improve financial activities, we are very much into the ideas of Open Banking and actively participate in promotion and implementation of PSD2 compliance in Europe. We have developed an API for the banks and we’re ready to take on implementations, to significantly accelerate PSD2 compliance, while maintaining an appropriate level of security and protection of bank data. Open Banking and mandatory API are going to change everything. Creative class is going to gain access to the core of the banks and build totally new sorts of user experiences while managing own financials or performing regular things like purchasing and payments. Users will go more mobile then anything else and increasingly utilize non-standard tools and instruments.

All of the mentioned above is going to result in some fintech-skilled resource deficit, where benefits of the offshore dedicated teams become obvious. Not only the price this time, but also skills and availability! Fintech outsourcing services we provide help companies worldwide to save costs and accomplish outstanding projects.

Technologies/Standards: Digital Banking, Mobile Banking, Omnichannel, e-Wallet, Conveyor Processes, P2P/C2C payments, PAN-server, API development, PCI/DSS, ISO8583, ISO27001, PSP, PSD2 & Open Banking. We also market our own Fintech product suite #digitalharbour

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