As we have grown out of large corporate environment, we are very familiar with the industry standard enterprise systems, tools and technologies, that support business processes, information flows, reporting, and data analytics in complex organizations seeking enterprise software services of highest quality.

Nearshore enterprise IT services is a perfect way to save costs and find the necessary talent. We would be able to form a team of PAES-specific consultants, as well as develop custom software or integration modules, to support a specific organization’s needs. We would be able to cover both operational needs, improving the current business processes, and also contribute management information processing — data warehousing/analytical requirements of the client. Our code would be adaptive, able to operate with all possible DBMS. We know how to integrate with SAP and core banking solutions. Within our offshore enterprise software services, we would be able to perform the investigation and determine authority of the data sources and most probably offer a professional advice, bringing to your attention discovered improvement opportunities. The enterprise team maybe ranging from relatively small, helping the client in solving a niche task, to a complete IT department or delivery unit, including needed management and even enterprise-wide CTO/CIO level.

Enterprise integration services

We know world-class leading software giants like Oracle, Siebel, SAP, Temenos or Misys, at the same time we are proficient in our own custom development. Out experts have been working with ESB products like Synapse or IBM Websphere, JBoss, also SAP process integration. All of the mentioned above gives us tremendous strength in the enterprise integration projects.

Enterprise support

We’ll get on the most boring and routine activities within your enterprise and provide you with the structured service, delivering the appropriate level of service according to your accepted methodology including ITSM.

Enterprise IT administration and management

ManageEngine crafts comprehensive IT management software for all operational business needs. Team Harbour is an official partner of Zoho Corp., distributing Manage Engine products. We can provide you with the licenses, and also implement needed modules. More information is available here:

Shared IT Service Center

Do you feel like it’s time to consolidate your IT resources, centralize services within your corporation? We’re here to provide everything you need: from affordable office space and equipment to HR recruitment services, administration services, professional contact center and legal support. We will also help you to project an appropriate consolidation strategy including human resources optimization, hardware and software architecture changes, analyze SLA impact and provide an appropriate advice.

Technologies: Java EE, .Net, C#, Synapse, WSO2, Websphere, JBoss, SAP Process Integration, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SAP, Core Banking, Xml, JSON, SOAP, SOA, RESTful API, Apache Thrift, Python, Java, Mongo DB

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