Dedicated near/off-shore team is your own team of professionals, covering your business process from a remote location in a close time zone. It lives by your culture, it has your sense of priority, it is your own functional department, legally employed by Team Harbour and located either on our premises or at your own locations. The primary reasons of outsourcing are usually three things:


We strongly believe, that dedicated team model is substantially better then the other models, as our team members consider themselves working for the client directly, following the client’s priorities and business rhythm, growing in the sense of urgency and client’s company culture. Dedicated model is nearly the only way to achieve significant cost and administrative effort reduction while saving the team spirit and unity of your organization, despite part of it is located offshore.

The benefits of the dedicated team model include the following:




Net-net, the dedicated team model proves itself good for the costs, team size and project workload while maintaining proper balance of spirit and unity in your organization.

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