Chatbots are gaining popularity in the areas, where people are used to type messages to each other, like services industry, commodity trading, stock markets, e-commerce, customer care. Consumers want to save time and use natural interfaces instead of learning tens to hundreds different apps, they feel safer and more familiar using their favorite messengers. On the other hand, businesses are also not too eager to spend their precious budgets on the front-end development of tens of various mobile, desk or web apps, if there is a historical tradition or major convenience of using regular chat.

Just take a look how simple that is:

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The chat-bot can be maintained alone as a solution, connecting to your back-end systems via an API, in the same way as your mobile, web and desk apps do. It has clear advantages against the traditional interfaces: clearly lower TCO, extreme user-friendliness through the natural dialogue, like «with another person», plus little effort and single point for possible future modifications. On the demand of the client, we can also provide an AI team of RINA Systems to work on natural language recognition and maximize the quality of communication with the robot.

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