Seven of Europe’s biggest banks are stepping up their attempts to shift trade finance on to blockchain technology by hiring specialists to build a platform for small businesses to finance their cross-border orders in the region. Outsourcing blockchain development becomes the popular solution in the area. Larger and larger budgets are being dedicated to blockchain R&D in a number of financial institutions worldwide nowadays. JP Morgan Chase spent $120M of it’s $600M fintech R&D budget on blockchain in 2016. The R&D’s researchers are engaged in connecting Ukrainian banks to Ripple protocol currently, two independent projects are experimenting with government services powered by blockchain tech.

Generally, Eastern Europe is beyond any doubt a most progressive geography in terms of enthusiasm around the new technologies and integration of the innovative fintech in the economy. There are many forums happening these days, where international crypto-community members could meet each other, share ideas and discuss their projects.  Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic countries demonstrate friendly attitude towards crypto in general and cryptocurrencies in particular, and produce quite a lot of knowledgeable resources, proficient with blockchain.

stellar-rocket-300Our blockchain experts

…are knowledgeable in the most popular blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, Monero, PeerCoin, Stellar, BitShares, Wave, NXT as wells built custom ones.

Our blockchain developers have been creating and supporting solutions and providing consulting for:

  • banking, telecom, insurance
  • payments, mobile/web wallets
  • disruptive fintech
  • stock trading, cryptocurrency trading
  • government e-services, registers
  • information security

ap,550x550,12x16,1,transparent,t.u2 Initial Coin Offering

…is no doubt the hottest topic nowadays. We have good news for you and your business: our CIO experts and consultants to help you raise the funds. We will assist you in:

  • Preparing the White Paper: The best if customer was able to develop the white paper, with our minor advice and assistance — it is customer’s project and customer is the best one to describe it. We can provide the client with different level of service, depending on how much we are expected to get involved on this stage
  • ERC20, Waves, Bitshares-based token, wallet implementation, smart contracts: ERC20 is more traditional platform for us, as it was the first, plus it supports smart contracts. We recommend ERC20, but we’re completely fine if customer chosen some other platform for the token, like NxT, Waves etc. We will do token issue, token structure, payments acceptance, token distribution, ensure campaign security
  • ICO Website: full graphic design with HTML layout and development work (normally JS). We will integrate the wallet and create you admin panels for the custmer and the investors. More information and visual data customer provides, better “individual” flavor the ICO would have: for example, we can get some stock images and videos, but it is obviously better to give it some personal touch and have some videos with the client or client’s speakers personally. If we are expected to do the videos: we will create up to 2 minutes of custom video, this could be 1 x 2 minute, 2 x 1 minute or 4 x 30 second videos.
  • Marketing is the key to successful ICO. A crowdfunding is always about Awareness and Trust, this presumes a huge PR and promotion effort. We will create media content to attract and engage audiences, and use the context of consumer behavior to create personalized brand experiences.
    • Press Releases offering media coverage to our database of media, crypto-enthusiasts and related communities, additionally promoted through our various affiliated and partner channels, search engines and social media.
    • Informative newsletter articles, roundups and summaries based upon USPs, services, products and business goals, to be released and promoted additionally through OpenLedger’s newsletters and affiliated channels.
    • DEDICATED weekly email newsletters sent out to community database, containing 10 000+ crypto enthusiasts, visionaries, and investors.
    • Videos created and showcased during the campaign.
    • Social Media, Blogs, Chats and Fora entries in multiple languages, scheduled on a frequent basis, forming and
    • Carefully targeted and managed digital marketing campaigns (including our proprietary crypto oriented programmatic advertising platform HubDSP). We will develop focused campaigns and tightly themed ad groups based on initial keyword analysis and campaign goals.

b2Decentralized Crypto-asset Exchange (DEX)

Centralized exchanges have been the most preferred solution for all sorts of asset trading including crypto. The benefits of transaction speed and central control were obvious along with swift feature roll-out and simpler streamlined management and maintenance process. Transaction speed has attracted a lot of crypto-asset traders and brought up the volume of transactions, increasing the overall trade volumes and liquidity of the cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the risks of use are also higher for centralized exchange platforms for both exchange owners and crypto-traders.

First most obvious risk is coming from the fact, that both IOU and transaction bookkeeping are in the same hands. Another risk is based on the libertarian essence of the crypto-world: same as it is difficult to control for the political systems and governments, it is also unprotected against various sorts of fraud including physical enforcement — there is “nothing” to protect as long as crypto is not recognized as an asset. So both traders and operators are subjects for permanent hacking and fraud attempts, additional pressure is being experienced from the side of the regulator bodies and governments lately. Centralized exchanges will inevitably get regulated, as more value is moving into crypto-assets worldwide and that means quite substantial economy-size  exposure. The investors would increasingly demand protection for their interests and capital, AML and organized crime bodies would demand more control and reporting. This will also cause the needs in various sorts of integration with government and regulator organizations systems. 

Decentralized Exchange Platforms (DEX) will be most probably gradually replacing centralized solutions, ensuring global transparent reliable transactions between the users, while catching the needed transaction pace, and offering liquidity and full feature set of the centralized exchanges. DEX is the market at it’s best and wildest, it doesn’t need third party to execute transactions between the users. The seller and buyer are interacting between each other directly, continuously controlling their assets. DEX is fully transparent in terms of verifications of transactions in the blockchain, at the same time protecting anonymity and privacy of the users to the full extent.

DEX is a highly efficient and secure platform, fully utilizing the benefits of blockchain. DEX completely satisfies the client with it’s comprehensive “centralized exchange” set of functionality, while improving protection and security of every single user and the system as a whole.

We are ready to help you build the most friendly and efficient Bitshares-based DEX platform, unleash it’s power and benefits to the new audiences.

Technologies: Bitcoin Script Language, Ethereum ERC20, Hyperledger Composer, Solidity, BitShares, Cardano, Decentralized Crypto-asset exchange development, ICO Consulting and development, QA testing for Blockchain and SmartContracts

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