We have great experience in development of the backend systems for the famous startups, large banks, heavy industry and FMCG enterprises, and world giants like VISA international. We do our platform development in Java, Python, PHP mostly.

Your backend admins will be happy to work with our comprehensive admin panels,  monitor and state of the system resource and remember things due to the administration dashboard and smart reminders, based on deep learning mechanisms.


We are following SOA and Microservices ideology in building the core of the backend systems we develop. This allows us to scale the system easily both horizontally and vertically in the future.

We will ensure multi-channel access to your backend core through either Thrift or RESTful API, and if it is required by your product requirements, we will support omnichannel operation too — so your clients or external system would start their session in a chosen channel and complete it using some other one.

omnichannel architecture

The resulting code will be adaptable to various database technologies including, but not limited to Oracle, MS SQL, Postgre, MySQL, H2.

Our scalable and  efficient service-oriented software solutions will be protecting your every investment dollar in the future.

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