Our business is about solving business problems and helping our customers achieving their goals with the technology solutions we provide. We spend significant amount of time analyzing customer requirements, in order to address their needs and choose the best composition of tech tools for the given constraints and conditions. Software architecture is probably the most important choice we usually make as a result of such process.

Of course, our preference is on the side of leading edge thinking at all times. Right now we’re mostly into the following approaches:

  • Service Oriented Architecture is used in our older software, also in case when the customers already had an enterprise bus installed and operating
  • Microservices in the most advanced architecture principle, we believe
  • SOA and Microservices approach mix is a practical solution in cases when single database must be shared between different microservices (e.g. separate Admin microservice for instance)
  • RESTful is our API standard. We’re trying to build every microservice, equipped with Rest API.

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